After school care can have many benefits, from helping kids to develop important social skills to pushing them toward their newfound passions. Learn more about the benefits of before and after school care from the professionals at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth. We specialize in top-notch child care services, from daycare to before care to after school care, and pride ourselves on harboring an environment in which your child can learn and grow. Read our blog to learn even more.

  1. The Benefits of a Before and After School Program

    Before and after school care can be beneficial for parents that work both mornings and evenings. But these programs also have many benefits for your children. Read through some of the different benefits your child can get from attending a before and after school care program.  If you’re looking f…Read More

  2. Why After School Programs Matter

    When it comes to what your child does after school, opting for an after school program can provide many benefits beyond giving your child a space to be while you’re still at work.  In today’s post, learn more about the importance of choosing an after-school care program for your child. And if y…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

    Electronics have become increasingly popular among younger children, whether they’re using a computer to do homework, watching TV, or playing video games. But it’s also important to find other ways to keep your children engaged through opportunities like extracurricular activities.  There are a…Read More

  4. The Relevance of An After School Program

    After school programs go beyond just childcare — they are a space for kids to develop and hone their skills both academically and emotionally. School days can be long and arduous for kids when they are expected to sit and be still for the majority of it. This can lead to kids tuning out to learnin…Read More

  5. The Best After School Activities For Kids

    There are a few things that are for sure in life. Five o’clock traffic jams. Taxes. And needing something productive for your kids to do after school. While they may just want to place themselves in front of the TV or video game console after a long day of education, you know better than to let th…Read More