When it comes to what your child does after school, opting for an after school program can provide many benefits beyond giving your child a space to be while you’re still at work. 

In today’s post, learn more about the importance of choosing an after-school care program for your child. And if you’re ready to tour Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth and see what our after-school care provides, contact us to schedule a walkthrough or the learn more about our program!

The Importance of After-School Care

After-school care programs matter for many different reasons. From inspiring creativity to providing a safe place for children to continue learning and developing, these programs can make a real difference in a child’s life. If you’re ready to find an after-school care option, make sure you check out our before and after school offerings at Kidstown Learning Center. 

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Individualized Learning Experience 

When children are in a school environment, there are specific learning criteria the teacher must stick to. But when you send your child to an after school program, they can get an individualized learning experience specific to their needs. Children have access to an after-school teacher that they can work with, further expanding their opportunities to learn and grow.

Flexible Environment

School is an environment created to help your children grow academically. While an after school program is also focused on providing an academic space for your children to continue learning, there is also flexibility within this space. After school programs also give your children a place where they can develop social skills by interacting with their peers. 

Beyond that, after school programs can offer a wide variety of activities that range from experiential learning opportunities to engaging in a fun, creative environment where they are free to experiment with different ways of playing and interacting. 

Keep Children Safe and Productive

An after school program provides a safe place for your children to be productive. In fact, studies have shown that when children are involved in an after-school care program, they are less likely to join gangs, be victims or perpetrators of violence, become teen parents, or get involved with other unsafe or inappropriate behaviors. 

Decrease Parental Stress 

This might sound like a selfish reason to send your children to an after school program, but studies have also shown that parents are less worried and stressed about their children when they know they are safe at an after school program. As a result, this can increase the parent’s productivity, giving them more energy and motivation when it comes to parenting.  

Sign Your Child up for an After-School Care Program in Lake Worth 

We only touched on a few ways that after-school care programs matter. But we hope that you have a better understanding of the benefits of strong after school programs. 

If you’re looking for after school care in Lake Worth, make sure you consider Kidstown Learning Center. We offer both before and after school programs so you can provide your child with a space where they can get work done and foster their academic and social skills. Contact us today to schedule a tour!