After school programs go beyond just childcare — they are a space for kids to develop and hone their skills both academically and emotionally.

School days can be long and arduous for kids when they are expected to sit and be still for the majority of it. This can lead to kids tuning out to learning and finding alternatives, often as classroom disruptions. There are so many facets to education in the classroom and sometimes students need more than good teachers and a solid curriculum to succeed, which is why after-school programs are crucial to a child’s overall development.

At Kidstown Learning Center, we offer after-school care for those critical hours in-between the school day ending and the work day ending for parents and caregivers. Our after-school care provides engaging activities that cultivate academic, professional, and social skills. Learn more about the relevance of after-school programs in today’s post.

The Importance of a Quality After School Program

The bottom line and the body of research supports that children in after-school programs are more likely to engage in their education by handing in work and getting better grades. Watch your child blossom in an after-school program and develop pertinent life skills.

An after-school program strengthens social skills.

Kids benefit from after-school programs because they provide a space that strengthens their interpersonal skills. They begin to develop relationships with other kids and adults that is fostered through the support of the teachers. They learn how to better navigate conflict and conflict resolution, tolerance and diversity, open-mindedness, and how to respect others and themselves.

When your child is exposed to others they have to learn how to appropriately interact with them — how to communicate their needs, how to share, and how to empathize in different situations.

An after-school program can also facilitate strong leadership skills in kids. Kids begin to understand their voice and can use it to lead activities or help our others. Many after-school programs are a great avenue to take advantage of volunteer projects or to learn more about opportunities — like student council — that can get involved in.    

After school programs can guide healthy habits.

When a child first enters the educational system it can be a difficult transition — adjusting to a set schedule and maneuvering different personalities. An after-school program helps them establish healthy habits such as doing homework before play or creating a routine or sequence in which things occur in that time — first a snack and play time, followed by homework or a fun learning activity.

Not only are the teachers there to assist kids academically and give them more one-on-one attention, an after school programs creates healthy physical habits. Instead of being plopped in front of the TV playing video games, they are provided the opportunity to be active and run around. And, as kids get older, there are sports programs available for them to participate in and learn the importance of teamwork!

After school programs not only improve a child’s academic performance and classroom behavior, they support a child’s social skills and begins to create healthy habits they can take with them and evolve into adulthood.

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