1. Joy

    May is about developing a joyful attitude. Attitudes are something we learn, just like good and bad habits. You can help your family maintain a joyful, cheerful, attitude by being pessimistic, focusing on the good in people, events, and circumstances.…Read More

  2. Picture Day

    On Thursday May 4th and Friday May 5th, we will have picture day.  Pictures will be taken as follows: On Thursday, we will take graduation pictures to the pre-k and VPK students, two sets of pictures will be taken to them, one with cap and gown and one with regular clothes. Pictures will also be ta…Read More

  3. Mother’s Day

    All the mothers are invited to have breakfast with your children on Friday, May 12th. Breakfast will be served from 7:45 to 8:30AM. For the VPK Part time class, breakfast will be served at 9:30 AM.…Read More

  4. Teacher’s Appreciation Week

    From May 8th to May 12th we will be showing our appreciation to our excellent team of teachers at Kidstown Learning Center. You will be able to bring a special gift to your child’s teacher. Suggested Activity: Help your child make thank you notes to his/her teachers.…Read More

  5. Sharing

    Sharing is experiencing the joy of giving to others. It is realizing how wonderful it is to give without expecting anything in return.…Read More

  6. Easter Egg Hunt

    Each class will have the Easter Egg Hunt on Friday April 14 at their playground time. Please check with your child’s teacher for the items needed for the party.…Read More

  7. Earth Day and Arbor Day

    For these two special events, we will be planting trees and learning how to take care of nature. Parents, please support your child’s teacher with what is needed to have success with these two activities that will take place April 22th and 29th.…Read More