Before and after school care can be beneficial for parents that work both mornings and evenings. But these programs also have many benefits for your children. Read through some of the different benefits your child can get from attending a before and after school care program. 

If you’re looking for care in Lake Worth, consider Kidstown Learning Center! From our daycare programs to our before and after school care, our team is here to provide a positive, engaging space for your child to learn and grow! Contact us to schedule a tour or get started today.

Increased Academic Performance

While before and after school care might feel like an extension of school, they also provide a space to creatively learn similar concepts taught in  school. At Kidstown, we want to help increase your child’s engagement with different subjects — even subjects they dislike or struggle with. Our before and after school care provides a space for them to create a different relationship with information that increases their overall academic performance. 

On top of that, our faculty is trained to help focus on the individual learning styles of each student to help them advance at their own pace.

Safe Environment

The Advancement Project has shown that when children (and teenagers) participate in a before and after school care program, they are less likely to engage in unsafe activities like smoking, drinking, and using drugs. On top of that, parents who work can rest easy knowing that their children are in a supervised and safe area when they’re not in school. 

When you choose after school care at Kidstown, you know that your children are not only safe, but they’re in a space designed to help them excel both academically and socially.

Time to Decompress

When your children are at school, they exert a lot of mental energy focusing in class and absorbing new material. At Kidstown, we know that all children need some time to decompress and just be kids! That’s why our after school care program gives them a nutritious snack and access to a spacious playground where they can decompress! 

Physical Exercise

Many before and after school programs provide your children with space to run around, engage in physical activities, and get rid of any excess energy. On top of that, any meals and snacks we provide are nutritious, teaching them to appreciate healthier meal and snack options.

Improve Social Skills

A before and after school program is a great space for your child to engage with peers that might not go to their school or be in their grade. We offer different group activities to teach your child to socialize and stay engaged. No matter what age they are, children are never too old to improve their social skills! 

Sign Up for After School Care at Kidstown

Now that you better understand the benefits of before and after school programs, get started at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth. You can take a virtual tour of our space or contact us to schedule an in-person tour or to sign your children up today!

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