There are a few things that are for sure in life.

Five o’clock traffic jams. Taxes. And needing something productive for your kids to do after school. While they may just want to place themselves in front of the TV or video game console after a long day of education, you know better than to let them.

Extra-curricular activities and after school programs can be both enriching and rewarding experiences for young kids — even if they may gripe and groan at first.

At Kidstown Learning Center, we are happy to provide top-notch after school care for kids in primary or elementary school. We create a safe, fun, enjoyable environment for kids to play, grow, and learn even after school is over.

Feel free to contact Kidstown Learning Center to learn more about our after school care program in Lake Worth — and if you need to sell your kids on it, just be sure to let them know it includes a snack! But if you’re looking for other after school programs as your kids get older, then here are a few ideas which you can start to explore.


Kids love to play sports, even from a young age. Chances are, they’ve seen them on TV and already identified which professional athlete they want to emulate when they grow up.

Involving your kids in after school sports can help them learn the value of teamwork, communication, and healthy competition. Take a look at the local offerings for sports like gymnastics, soccer, basketball, karate, or other activities to give them something to look forward to after school

Performing Arts

Perhaps your child is more destined for the marching band than the sporting arena. There’s nothing wrong with that! Consider finding which instruments your child is interested in and think about getting them lessons in that area.

Or, if they have always had an affinity for drama, see if they can get involved in a local play or theater performance.


As technology continues to evolve and impact our everyday lives, you may begin to recognize the importance of computer literacy. Why not turn that literacy into a fun little hobby? Have your little coder begin to learn these skills while developing critical thinking, creativity, and mastering technology.

Kidstown After School Care

Of course, we can’t provide all of these things — but what we can provide is a nurturing, fun-loving atmosphere for your child to inhabit after school. We are happy to watch your kids until 6 p.m., and will even provide after school pick up from Manatee, Coral Reef, and Crystal Lakes elementary schools.

Contact Kidstown Learning Center today to learn more about our before and after school care programs.