Every parent wants their child to grow and learn at a fast pace.

That’s because parents want their child to be successful, smart, and most of all happy. But sometimes, new parents might not always know which activities are actually helping with their child’s development. If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our infant day care in Lake Worth is proud to be a place for children to learn and grow. We provide a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for your child at a fair and affordable price; with one-on-one nurturing time, numerous engaging playtime activities, and even a relaxing nap time on your child’s schedule, our infant day care center has everything your child needs to thrive.

Our goal is to be there for your child during those times where you simply can’t, whether it’s because of work or other obligations that are a necessary part of life. That way, your child’s development can continue without missing a beat.

But for those times that you are able to be around, here are a few helpful learning activities which can help them engage, advance, and learn.


This one is, of course, an all-time classic. Peek-a-boo is a great activity for you and your child, and it doesn’t require a whole lot of materials or resources. It’s a simple game which involves you (or a toy) hiding for a short time. And then, just when your child is really starting to wonder where it went, then comes the big reveal. Peek-a-boo! But more than just a fun play activity, with peek-a-boo your child learns motor skills and the concept of object permanence.

Stacking Cups

Plastic measuring cups or special stacking cups can also be a fun, engaging activity for your child. Have your child stack the cups up high, and then knock them down. You can even stack cups side by side so they have something to compare it to. Once again, some of the byproducts of this activity include fine motor skill development and cause and effect concepts.


Reading is always a great activity, no matter the age. But during the infant stage, there’s a good chance that your child will benefit the most. Engage your child in the book by pointing to pictures, allowing them to touch and turn the pages, and make different noises and voices to see if you can get them to laugh. This will aid with their language skills and listening skills.


Doctors indicate that most babies will be ready to engage with larger wooden puzzles by the time they are one. Once your child hits that milestone, start out by bringing a large, colorful puzzle with shapes and/or pictures to your child and showing them how it works. Eventually, they will be able to complete the puzzle on their own as their problem solving and fine motor skills develop.

Infant Day Care

Infant day care is another great way for your child to learn and grow. We provide a nurturing, yet engaging, environment for your child with one-on-one care time, games, and peer-to-peer interactions. Enroll your child today at our Lake Worth infant day care.