1. Choosing the Right Program for Your Child

    If you have an infant or a five-year-old, it’s important to find a kid’s daycare or enriching program that is designed to fit all of their needs.  At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, we have a variety of programs to help children meet their different developmental milestones or to keep t…Read More

  2. Winter Activities to Do With Your Children

    In Lake Worth, Florida, snow isn’t often on the weather forecast for winter. But that doesn’t have to stop you and your family from finding winter-themed activities to enjoy while they’re home on break. When it comes to kids’ daycare, you can trust the team at Kidstown Learning Center in Lak…Read More

  3. Keeping Your Children Active at Home

    Children always seem to have unending amounts of energy. So when they’re stuck inside, home on break, or need to use up some of their excess energy, there are some great ways to keep them active while at home. Today, we’ve found some unique and fun activities that are easy and safe to do inside!…Read More

  4. How to Prepare Your Child for Toddler Daycare

    Whether you have to go back to work or need help taking care of your toddler, kids daycare is a common choice. But leaving your toddler for the first time can feel scary. So read through different ways you can prepare your child for their daycare experiences.  If you’re ready to sign them up for …Read More

  5. Arts and Crafts Projects for This Fall

    Whether you have a toddler or school-aged child, doing arts and crafts projects with them can actually help their development.  At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, our kids daycare provides a space for your child to grow and develop during the day. Our daycare allows your children to sociali…Read More

  6. Kidstown Learning Center Is Now Part Of The Strong Minds Network

    Your favorite Lake Worth kids daycare has some exciting news to share. Kidstown Learning Center is proud to announce that we are now recognized as part of the Palm Beach County Children’s Services Council “Strong Minds Network” of child care providers. What does that mean, exactly? It means th…Read More

  7. What To Look For In A Summer Daycare

    As the school year winds down, it’s time to start considering which summer daycare program is right for you — and most importantly, which program is right for your child. At Kidstown Learning Center, a top-rated kids daycare in Lake Worth, we believe that there are many benefits of summer daycar…Read More

  8. What Can Working Parents Do During The Summer

    Working parents know that the struggle is too real. Juggling a full-time job, housework, hobbies, and of course raising children is a handful enough as it is. When school is out and summer break arrives, that struggle becomes even greater. What is a working parent to do with their children during th…Read More

  9. Summer Activities For Kids

    When the summer starts, the fun seemingly never stops — if you’re a kid, that is. If you’re a parent, the summer can be a somewhat hectic and even stressful time. While your child may have a break from the day-to-day school routine, you (unfortunately) don’t get to take a three-month summer …Read More

  10. May Calendar And Events

    The school year is winding down here at Kidstown Learning Center, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to still be excited about. Our Lake Worth kids daycare has plenty to offer to our students and their families all throughout the month of May, starting with a fun day where children bring i…Read More