At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, we know that you want your kids to feel prepared for preschool, kindergarten, and beyond. But when it comes to choosing daycare and preschool programs, the options can feel daunting. 

In this post, learn more about the VPK program that is available in Florida and what that program can do for your child. When you’re ready to enroll them in VPK, an after-school program, or preschool programs, you can trust Kidstown. Contact us to schedule a tour or learn more about our learning center. 

Voluntary Pre-K

Voluntary Pre-K, VPK, is a pre-kindergarten program for children aged four and five who reside in Florida. The child must turn four on or before September 1. As they mention on their site, the goal of VPK is to provide “children a jump start by preparing them for school and enhancing their pre-reading, pre-math, language and social skills. By developing the skills children need to become strong readers and students at an early age, children are more likely to be successful in school.”

Researchers have found that most important brain growth and development happens in children before the age of five. This makes pre-kindergarten programs like VPK so crucial to help children develop the proper reading, writing, and social skills at a time when they can make the most impact. 

The skills these children learn in a VPK program will continue to influence them as they progress to kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. Through VPK, children can start to learn how to be attentive and follow directions in a classroom setting. In addition, they can get used to the routine of attending a class, preparing them for kindergarten. 

The VPK program is offered by different private and public school providers across Florida, like Kidstown Learning Center, to better prepare children for kindergarten. 

What Our VPK Program Includes 

At Kidstown Learning Center, our part-time VPK program provides children with the latest requirements from the Florida Department of Education Standards. This includes working on the development of their reading, writing, and social skills. 

To accomplish this, we use a combination of learning activities and theme-based coursework. Throughout the course, we will also administer two pre-k assessments to make sure each child is developing and progressing at the right rate. 

We also offer a full-time VPK program that will give your child more time to focus on developing all these skills in-depth. Give us a call to discuss our full-time VPK preschool program! 

Enroll With Kidstown Learning Center 

Now that you know what a VPK program is, you can decide if a VPK preschool program is right for your child. When you’re ready, bring us your VPK certificate and enroll your child in our part-time VPK program. Our spots fill up fast, so we encourage parents to sign their children up as soon as possible!

At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, we know the benefits that come from enrolling children in a VPK and preschool programs. Contact us to take a tour of our learning center and get your child started with our VPK program today! We also offer before- and after-school care, so your child can continue learning important skills beyond their VPK program.