There are different benefits of enrolling your child in a voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK) program, like helping them prepare for kindergarten and work towards important developmental milestones.

Kidstown Learning Center in Lakeworth offers both a full-time and part-time VPK program. But if you’re unfamiliar with a VPK program, and how it differs from preschool programs, the Kidstown team is here to help with our frequently asked questions.

If you already have your VPK certificate, just contact Kidstown Learning to get your child enrolled today.

VPK Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to understand the differences between VPK and other preschool programs. Learn more about VPK enrollment and eligibility and determine if a VPK program at Kidstown Learning Center is the right choice for your child.

When Is My Child Eligible?

Children who are four years old on or before September first are eligible to participate in Florida’s VPK program.

How Do You Enroll Your Child is VPK?

First, you want to register your child for the VPK program. You can register through the VPK Family Portal and you will receive a VPK certificate that can be used at a VPK program of your choice. Once you have that certificate, you can take it to a VPK provider, like Kidstown Learning, and enroll your child in a VPK program.

Who Can Teach VPK?

Providers must meet the minimum standards required by law and can be public, private, or faith-based. Kidstown Learning Center complies with these standards along with meeting the requirements from the Florida Department of Education Standards.

Are Children Required to Attend a VPK Program?

No. VPK is a voluntary program offered to all Florida children but attendance is not required.

How Much Does a VPK Program Cost?

The VPK program is free for children, regardless of income. Providers are not able to charge for enrollment, registration, supplies, or anything else associated with the VPK program. Additional before/after care or benefits can be charged as needed, however.

What Type of VPK Programs Are Available?

Currently, children can take VPK as a school-year or summer program with instructional hour requirements. The VPK providers can decide how to schedule out those hours, and when to offer their VPK programs. At Kidstown Learning Center, we also offer a part-time and full-time option, depending on what you and your child need.

Can my Child Be Turned Away From a VPK Program?

Each VPK program — including the full- and part-time VPK programs at Kidstown Learning — has a certain amount of space for children. Once those programs are filled up, your child might be turned away. Some of the other reasons could include:

  • Geography
  • Random selection (lottery) process
  • Targeted populations (i.e. children with a higher risk for neglect or abuse, children from low-income families, etc.)
  • Previous service (already worked with provider or daycare center)

Choose the Right Preschool Program

If you still have questions about VPK and how our preschool programs work, our team at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth is here to help. Let us know if you’d like to tour our preschool and get your child enrolled in the voluntary pre-kindergarten program today!

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