At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, we’ve seen the benefits of signing your child up for a VPK program. If you’re not sure what VPK is, you can learn more in our previous blog post. 

But we also know that there are some conflicting answers when it comes to whether VPK and preschool programs actually prepare children for kindergarten and school. In today’s post, we will delve into some of the research behind how VPK and other preschool programs can help your children. 

If you’re ready to get them started with a VPK program through Kidstown Learning Center, contact us today or schedule a tour to see our classrooms! 

Support for VPK

When it comes to voluntary Pre-K (VPK), there is a lot of research supporting the importance of enrolling your child in VPK before kindergarten. 

To better understand the importance of VPK — backed by research — the Learning Policy Institute conducted a study into the effectiveness of preschool and VPK programs for children. For their study, the Learning Policy Institute (LPI) evaluated 21 different preschool programs and found statistical support for the ways VPK and preschool programs help children succeed when they get to elementary school. 

Improved Learning Skills

In LPI’s research, they found that investing in VPK and preschool programs had a substantial, positive impact on children and their math, literacy, and social-emotional skills. In fact, VPK equalizes what children are able to learn before starting kindergarten, putting children on a more even playing field when school starts. Through state-funded VPK programs, all children — low-income and high-income — have access to the same pre-K tools and curriculum. 

School Preparedness

LPI also found that VPK and other preschool programs help prepare children for school. They get experience with a classroom setting, working together with their peers, spending longer days away from their families, and more. These VPK and preschool programs teach children different skills they will continue to use when they get to elementary school. 

The Need for Strong VPK Programs 

Ultimately, the LPI’s research showed what we already knew: that VPK and preschool programs are crucial in helping children achieve important academic milestones and start kindergarten prepared. But with that out of the way, LPI also looked at how the quality of different VPK and preschool programs impacted the success of those children. 

When it comes down to it, in order for a VPK or preschool program to be beneficial for children, they need to be a quality program. This involves having the proper support, teachers eager to help and grow, well thought out curriculum, family engagement, and support for students like English learners and children with special needs.

That’s the way we approach our VPK and preschool programs at Kidstown Learning Center. We’ve worked hard to create a curriculum that helps children grow and keeps them engaged. On top of that, we have a strong staff that is ready to help all of our children with their academic and social needs. 

Sign Your Child up for VPK at Kidstown Learning Center

We hope that this research gives you a better understanding of the importance behind VPK programs for children. If you want to learn more about VPK and your child, you can read through our reasons to sign your child up for a VPK program

If you’re ready to get your child started with VPK, sign them up at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth. Contact us today to learn more about our learning center or to schedule a tour of our classroom!