In our last post, we talked about what VPK (or voluntary Pre-K) is. At Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth, we offer part-time and full-time VPK preschool programs. Before enrolling your child, feel free to call us and schedule an appointment to tour our learning center. Enroll your child today — spots fill quickly!

Benefits of Voluntary Pre-K 

VPK is a program offered in the state of Florida for children aged four and five and provides space to work on developing their reading, writing, and social skills before starting kindergarten. 

But what are the benefits of VPK? Why should you enroll your child in VPK? Below, you can read through our different reasons to sign up your child for VPK or other preschool programs.

Prepare for Kindergarten 

In a preschool program, children will learn reading and writing skills that other children won’t learn until they start kindergarten. On top of that, your child will become accustomed to going to school, making the adjustment to kindergarten easier. 

The Important of Social Skills

Social skills are important for children to learn at a young age. A VPK program allows children to interact with peers in an educational environment at a young age. This will set them up for success as they learn how to share and play with others, easing the stress of making friends when they get to kindergarten. 

Find Your Child’s Learning Skills 

All children learn in different ways, like auditory and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning. The sooner you understand their learning style, the sooner you can start catering to that preference, helping them succeed in school. 

Additionally, the sooner you discover their learning styles, the faster you can catch any developmental disabilities or learning challenges your child might have. This will allow you to better prepare for kindergarten and prepare for any accommodations they might need.

An Alternative to Daycare 

If you’ve been hesitant to send your child to daycare, but need time to get work done, VPK is an enriching environment where your child can flourish. Since VPK complies with the requirements from the Florida Department of Education Standards, you know that your child will get exposure to reading, writing, and social skills. 

Unlike daycares where staff monitor your children throughout the day, VPK preschool programs have certified teachers focused on helping your child develop skills through learning activities and theme-based coursework. 

Overcome Separation Anxiety 

If you haven’t spent much time apart for your child, something like kindergarten can cause some separation anxiety. Sending your four- or five-year-old to a part-time VPK program can teach them to adjust to being away from you for part of the day. This will help alleviate some stress before they start kindergarten. 

Teach Self-Discipline 

The VPK environment provides a great space for your child to learn how to follow the rules set by their teacher and interact with their peers. This includes certain tasks like standing silently in line, waiting their turn, and sharing develops social skills that will continue to be important in kindergarten and elementary school. 

Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth 

There are many benefits that go with our part-time and full-time VPK preschool programs. Sign your child up for our VPK program today and get them ready for kindergarten today!