When it comes time for your child to start a voluntary pre-k program, it can be hard to know how to balance what they’re learning in class with what you’re teaching them at home. 

In today’s post, we’re going over some of the ways you can incorporate what they’re learning at VPK into what they do at home. Then, if you’re ready to get your child enrolled in one of our VPK preschool programs, make sure you take a look at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth. Contact us to learn more about our VPK preschool programs or to get your child enrolled today! 

Helping Your Child at Home 

Is your child enrolled in a VPK program or at the right age to start a VPK program? There are different ways you can help your child at home with the skills they’re learning in their VPK program. 

Let Your Child Do Things for Themselves

One of the biggest things your child works on in any preschool program is their independence. From being away from their parents or caregiver for an entire day to learning how to do tasks and projects by themselves, there is a lot of self-growth that VPK encourages. 

So how can you do this at home? Give your child that independence when they’re at home too. It can be hard to give up the reins — especially when it means spilled cereal on your kitchen floor. But just be patient with your child while they learn how to do something for themselves. Make sure you even have them clean up their mess themselves! 

Encourage Them to Solve Simple Problems 

Letting your child struggle through simple problems will teach them an important lesson. This could be something like a puzzle or a more challenging toy. If they fail, they will learn to experience the consequences and how to work through the same puzzle again to solve it. 

Start Giving Your Child Chores 

Assigning chores to your child is a way to both build their self-esteem and give them responsibilities. These chores will help them develop their motor skills while helping them be more independent. You could have them put away their dishes, help with the laundry, or pick up their messes. 

Encourage Their Reading and Writing Skills

One of the focuses of your child’s VPK program is to enhance their reading and writing skills. This is something you can continue to encourage at home by reading to your child and working with them on other basics like recognizing shapes, colors, and the letters of the alphabet. 

Find Preschool Programs at Kidstown Learning Center

When you take the time to help your child continue learning their VPK lessons at home, you give them the support they need to find their independence and cultivate different skills.

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