In Lake Worth, Florida, snow isn’t often on the weather forecast for winter. But that doesn’t have to stop you and your family from finding winter-themed activities to enjoy while they’re home on break.

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Winter Activities to Do With Your Children

Take a look at these activities to find some inspiration for winter-themed activities to keep your children active and engaged! 

Bake Together

Winter brings a lot of holidays that pair well with some sweet treats. Have your children try their hand at baking their favorite holiday classic, or share that pumpkin pie recipe that has been passed down in your family for generations. 

While this teaches your children the importance of reading and following directions, you’re also left with something sweet that the whole family can enjoy! 

Give Back

The winter season is also a time for being thankful for everything we have and giving back to the community. Find a way to get your child involved in the community. Book a timeslot serving food at the local food pantry. Or create something at home that you can donate, like scarves, blankets, or essentials kits for the homeless shelter.

This is a great way to get your children to do something altruistic and learn about the importance of helping others. 

Ice Skating

While sledding and other outdoor snow activities might be challenging to do in Florida, you can always take your family ice skating. Put on your most festive coat, gloves, hat, and scarf, and head on over to an indoor rink. 

Not only will ice skating keep your family active, it is also a great way to feel a little bit of a winter chill in Florida! 

Visit a Museum

We know that families are spending more time inside and since the weather is getting colder, it’s a great opportunity to get in a little bit of educational fun. Spend the day at a museum or gallery. 

While you’re there, challenge your children to learn something new and share it with you when you leave!  

Read Together 

Since there aren’t as many events and activities during the winter, this is a great time to encourage your children to improve their reading skills. If your children are still too young to read, plan out some time each day to sit down and read with them. If your children are old enough to read, have them pick out some new books from the library or bookstore that they can enjoy during their winter break.

Want to create a little sibling competition? If you have children that are close in age, create a reading contest to see who can read for the most amount of time or finish the most books. If you want a reward, offer to buy them a new book! 

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We hope that this blog gives you some fun ideas for ways to keep your children busy while they’re home for the winter.

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