When the summer starts, the fun seemingly never stops — if you’re a kid, that is.

If you’re a parent, the summer can be a somewhat hectic and even stressful time. While your child may have a break from the day-to-day school routine, you (unfortunately) don’t get to take a three-month summer hiatus from your job.

That leaves you with the daunting task of finding summer care for your child. At Kidstown Learning Center, we help you solve that problem without stress or worry!

Our Lake Worth summer daycare program gives your child something more to look forward to during their break from school. Not only that, it gives you the peace of mind you need in knowing that your child will be well looked-after, and well entertained, all summer long and during those times where you can’t be there.

In this blog, we’re going to point out a few more fun-filled summer activities for kids. Keep on reading to learn more and visit Kidstown Learning Center to enroll your child in our Lake Worth kids summer camp.

Fun Games

Every child’s summer should be filled with games, fun, and adventure. At Kidstown Learning Center, we make those three things our top priorities at our summer kids daycare in Lake Worth.

But kids can play just about anywhere, and at anytime. Here are a few fun games and activity ideas for your child — some of which might even make it into our summer camp program!

  • Field Day/Olympics: Even children are born with the spirit of competition inside them! Field day/olympics is a great way for kids to spend an afternoon. Featuring activities like a tug-of-war, potato sack races, three-legged races, hula hoop competitions, and more, this is an event that will have your kids talking all summer.
  • Tag!: This is one of the most simple, yet most exciting, games for children of all ages. The best part about Tag is that there is no equipment or assembly required. All you need is a playground or open space, and off they go!
  • Bean Bag Toss: This tailgating favorite is not just for adults. Older kids can spend all afternoon tossing the bean bags around, and whether they keep score or not is irrelevant to the fact that they will enjoy hours of fun!

Water Activities

Lake Worth summers get hot. We all know that.

That’s why having a few water activities planned could be a great way to entertain kids as well as keep them from suffering through the heat.

Trips to the local watering hole, aka the swimming pool, are encouraged, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we will have plenty of water play (maybe even a water balloon fight, hint hint) at our Lake Worth kids daycare this summer.


Who doesn’t love movies?

Kids especially do, and for those times when it’s too hot to even head to the swimming pool, or if it’s later in the evening and all the mosquitos are out, putting on a movie is a great way for your child to become engaged and entertained.

Do you need help with the care of your child this summer? Contact Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth today to discover the benefits of our summer daycare program.