Children always seem to have unending amounts of energy. So when they’re stuck inside, home on break, or need to use up some of their excess energy, there are some great ways to keep them active while at home.

Today, we’ve found some unique and fun activities that are easy and safe to do inside! Then, when it’s time to send your children to kids daycare, make sure you keep Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth in mind!

Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

Don’t let your children pent up their energy! Get some inspiration for helping keep your children active while they’re stuck at home or inside.

Create Your Own Maze

Just because you’re stuck in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t mix up that space. Create your own maze inside your house. From crawling under the table or jumping over some obstacle, turn your whole house into a maze for your children. Once they’ve figured that maze out, mix it up for even more fun!

Dance — And Freeze!

Turn on your children’s favorite radio station or playlist and dance around the house for a great, active experience. Make dancing even more fun by playing freeze dance. Pause the song and have them freeze until the music starts again, and see who wins!

Hula Hoop

If you have some extra hula hoops lying around your house, they’re a great way to help strengthen your children’s core. Have them walk around the house — and leave plenty of space — or spin the hoop around different limbs.

Balloon Volleyball

To play volleyball, you need a large indoor space or an outdoor space. But if you don’t have the space for regular volleyball, try balloon volleyball! Practice serving the balloon back and forth. Once you’ve got that figured out, try kicking the balloon or hitting it with your head for a fun, indoor game!

Hallway Soccer

Like with volleyball, soccer might seem like a hard sport to play inside. But if you have a hallway, just set up a net at each end of the hallway and put some masking tape on the floor. Then just use a small, plastic ball and give it your best, but soft, kick!

Hide and Seek

Who doesn’t love an intense game of hide and seek — especially if you have some really good hiders! Give your children a set amount of time to hide and then go searching for them. Once you find then, take your turn at hiding! This game keeps them active while also giving them opportunities to practice their quiet skills as they find the best possible hiding spot.

Too good at hide and seek? If your children lose interest on hide and seek after a few games, there are some other playground games that you can play, like:

  • Simon Says: One person is Simon, and everyone else has to follow what Simon says. Just make sure Simon says “Simon says” before you do anything!
  • Red Light Green Light: Someone stands at the other end of the room and calls out green light or red light. The other plays can only move when they say green light. When it’s a red light, everyone must stop moving. The first person to make it to the other side of the room wins!

Yoga for Kids

If yoga is something that you, as a parent, have incorporated in your daily schedule, consider including your children. There are lots of videos online with a simple yoga for kids exercise. Introduce them to some basic yoga poses to get them active at home but also involved in something you enjoy.

Sign Your Children Up for Kids Daycare

We hope that these activities gave you some ideas for keeping your children entertained and active!

Your team at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth is here to help while you and your children are cooped up inside. Then, if you’re looking for a nearby kids daycare, make sure you keep our learning center in mind! Choose from our infant and toddler daycare or send your child to preschool, voluntary pre-kindergarten, or any of our before and after school and summer camp programs.