Whether you have to go back to work or need help taking care of your toddler, kids daycare is a common choice. But leaving your toddler for the first time can feel scary. So read through different ways you can prepare your child for their daycare experiences. 

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Preparing for Toddler Daycare

Toddler daycare doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Read through the different ways you can help prepare your child — and yourself — for toddler daycare. 

Get Them Used to Routines  

When you send your child to toddler daycare, their entire day will be structured around a specific schedule. If they haven’t experienced a daily schedule at home, this might be something new to them. In the weeks leading up to their first day of kids daycare, you could start scheduling out their day. This will get them used to following a set routine and will leave them better prepared for toddler daycare. 

Visit Their Kids Daycare Center Together

When children are younger, new places can seem scary — especially when you can’t stay with them. To eliminate that worry, take some time to go visit their new kids daycare together. This gives them time to meet the teachers and see the space before you leave them there for the first time. 

Encourage Their Independence and Self-Help Skills

When your child is at a kids daycare, they won’t have mom around to help them. This starts teaching them to help themselves and be more independent — something that will be extremely beneficial when they get to preschool and kindergarten. 

Listen to Your Child

Once your child has started toddler daycare, take time to listen to their day and their worries after you pick them up. This will help you better understand their feelings and work through anything they’re worried about. If they have questions — like if you’ll always remember to pick them up — you can take the time to reassure them that daycare is just part of their day and that you’ll always be there to bring them home. 

Give Them a Comfort Object 

If your daycare allows it, let them take something that reminds them of home. This gives them a way to comfort themselves if they’re having a hard day. Their comfort object doesn’t have to be something soft — or the favorite to you’re worried about losing. Consider bringing a book they love that they can share with their caregivers. 

Find Kids Daycare in Lake Worth 

When it comes to toddler daycare, we hope that our blog has helped you find ways to help your child prepare.

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