There is no overstating the importance of literacy and education in our children.

They are the future, after all, and as parents we love our kids and want to see them grow, thrive, and be successful in all aspects of life. Sometimes it doesn’t always seem so simple to accomplish, however.

According to the National Center For Families Learning, somewhere in the neighborhood of 32 million adults in the United States are functionally illiterate.

How does this impact our kids, you ask? Well, it can contribute to a vicious cycle. When these adults don’t take important steps toward improving their literacy and learning, those same traits can be passed on to their kids. And to their kids. And to their kids.

And the wheels of illiteracy and disenfranchised families keep turning.

But, there is hope. You can help set your children up for success no matter what your educational background may be.

How is this possible? There are no shortage of programs out there to help your children learn and grow—take Kidstown Learning Center, for example.

We provide safe, comfortable child care for kids even at infant age, meaning your children can have a place to thrive even while you are working, going to school, or doing things you simply need to do.

Our Lake Worth infant day care features learning programs, necessary interactions, nap time, and more in a nurturing, loving environment.
Studies show that infant child care can help your child develop the important social and educational tools necessary in order to be successful in life. Why not help set them up for that success? Contact Kidstown Learning Center today to learn more about our programs and enroll today.

Why Infant Day Care?

How can your child benefit from infant day care? The proof is in the pudding.

Children of these ages need to be shown attention and affection, which is exactly what they will get from our screened and certified caregiving professionals.

We know that parents can’t be around for their kids at all times of the day, no matter how badly they may want to be, which is why we provide the loving environment your child needs even when you can’t.

What’s more, our infant day care features cuddling and rocking time, nap time, snacks, and one-one-one playtimes with caregivers in order to stimulate your child’s mind.

By having this human interaction with adults and even other toddlers, your child can receive the development he or she needs during these crucial years in order to thrive in school.

About Kidstown Learning Center

You already know that Kidstown Learning Center provides the best infant day care in Lake Worth.
But that’s not all. Our Lake Worth facility also offers toddler daycare, preschool, VPK, before and after school care, and even summer camp and holiday programs.
We want to provide children of all ages with a foundation for learning and growing in a fun, loving, and most of all safe environment. We provide theses quality child care services at all times in order to help you, the parents, as you pursue your career or other activities which require your dedication and attention.

Set your kids up for success. Contact Kidstown Learning Center to learn more about our infant day care in Lake Worth.