1. The Best After School Activities For Kids

    There are a few things that are for sure in life. Five o’clock traffic jams. Taxes. And needing something productive for your kids to do after school. While they may just want to place themselves in front of the TV or video game console after a long day of education, you know better than to let th…Read More

  2. What Kids Learn In Preschool

    Preschool programs are a crucial part of your child’s early development. Not only can it provide a safe place for them to grow and learn, allowing you to focus on your career or other interests, but it can also set them up for success in the coming grade school years. When it comes to Lake Worth p…Read More

  3. Setting Your Children Up For Success

    There is no overstating the importance of literacy and education in our children. They are the future, after all, and as parents we love our kids and want to see them grow, thrive, and be successful in all aspects of life. Sometimes it doesn’t always seem so simple to accomplish, however. Accordin…Read More

  4. 5 Key Benefits Of Toddler Daycare

    As parents, we all want the best for our children. We also want to spend every waking moment with them to watch them grow, develop, and learn. However, the unfortunate truth is that around-the-clock attention just isn’t always possible. With work, errands, and other daily necessities getting in th…Read More

  5. Why Preschool Teachers Are Important

    During the month of November, the theme at Kidstown Learning Center in Lake Worth is “gratitude.” With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, it’s important that we show those around us how much we appreciate all of their efforts. So in keeping with that theme, we thought now would …Read More

  6. Kidstown November Newsletter

    It’s hard to believe how fast this year is going by, isn’t it? But here at Kidstown Learning Center, this is one of our favorite times of the year. With the holidays drawing near, it brings several opportunities for us to pass along new messages about gratitude and kindness, while also bringing …Read More

  7. Top Benefits Of Infant Day Care

    A question that we hear a lot is, “How young is too young for day care?” In today’s day and age, where mothers and fathers are often both pursuing lucrative careers to provide for their family, day care is becoming a more reliable option. However, people may not always know that there are opti…Read More

  8. Welcome To Our Blog

    Parents and children of Lake Worth, Florida — rejoice! Kidstown Learning Center, your go-to child care service provider for infant care, preschool, and more, is up and running with our brand new blog. Here, you’ll learn about the many great services we provide, why we love providing those servic…Read More

  9. Joy

    May is about developing a joyful attitude. Attitudes are something we learn, just like good and bad habits. You can help your family maintain a joyful, cheerful, attitude by being pessimistic, focusing on the good in people, events, and circumstances.…Read More

  10. Picture Day

    On Thursday May 4th and Friday May 5th, we will have picture day.  Pictures will be taken as follows: On Thursday, we will take graduation pictures to the pre-k and VPK students, two sets of pictures will be taken to them, one with cap and gown and one with regular clothes. Pictures will also be ta…Read More