April 24, 2020

Dear parents:

As we get close to the re-opening day, May 4th, we would like to let you know that we have been working diligently to maintain the center in good condition. Since the health and safety of the children, their family members and the teachers is our priority, we have taken advantage to use this time of closing to do some maintenance jobs to our building that usually can’t be done during operating hours. Among those jobs, we have:

  • Deep Cleaned and disinfect floors and surfaces
  • Washed carpets
  • Pressured clean playgrounds
  • Fixed our sprinkle system
  • We are in the process of scheduling teaming wash of classrooms, toys and materials used by children

On the other hand, teachers and administration have also been communicating via Zoom to plan effective communication to our Kidstown families as well as to prepare for re-opening the center.

  • This week, you should have received a phone call and a video from your child’s teacher. We have received
    pictures and a few videos of the children in return and it has been exciting to see them.
  • We have been planning and putting in place safety protocols for reopening.
  • We also started working on documentation for our Re-Accreditation with NECPA which you will receive
    additional information when we resume daily operations.

Last but not least, we would like to share with you resources in the community that might be helpful.

  • https://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/20200421/coronavirus-in-florida-palm-beach-countyresources-during-pandemic
  • Church of the Palms 3812 Jog Road | mobile pantry | Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. | in the parking lot
  • Legacy Church 400 Jackson Avenue | food pantry |Third Thursday of each month 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. | in the parking lot
  • CROS Ministries at Greenacres Community Center 501 Swain Blvd. | food pantry | 2nd and 4th Thursday at 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. | in the parking lot
  • www.feedingsouthflorida.org
  • https://www.crosministries.org/Food-pantries/Index.htm
  • https://www.palmbeachschools.org/news/what_s_new/feeding_sites_open_during_school_closure
  • All locations are first come first serve. Recipients must bring a photo ID.

We appreciate your time and be safe during this up most difficult time we are experiencing with the Corona virus

Truly yours,

Kidstown Administration

April 17, 2020

Dear families,

We hope all the Kidstown families are safe and healthy during these difficult times. After being closed for two weeks, our commitment to your child’s development, learning, health and safety remains unchanged. As you work to make appropriate preparations to your family, including decisions around how best to support your child during this time, please know we are here to help.


Encourage conversations about what’s happening.

Your child likely has questions about what’s going on, why she/he isn’t going to school, or even why the news suddenly sounds scary. It’s important to encourage her/him to ask questions and provide enough detail to make her/him feel informed, reassured, and safe. I recommend asking your child daily how she’s/he’s feeling and encourage you to validate her/his feelings while providing reassurance. Remember that children often express themselves better when talking about story characters or creating art than they do through direct questioning, so be on the lookout for all kinds of messages your child may send.

Find authentic opportunities for meaningful learning.

Young children learn best through meaningful play. Your child has opportunities for deep and meaningful learning through every day, authentic experiences. For example, as you begin to cook dinner, involve your child in measuring ingredients, reading the recipe, and talking about the flavors and smells. As you get dressed for the day, compare the size of your shoes to

your child’s. Discuss which one is bigger, which one is smaller, and make a game out of lining up all the shoes in your house from smallest to biggest. Then try categorizing the shoes by different attributes, such as color or brand.

Focus on having fun and bonding as a family.

Talk to your child about the things you enjoyed most as a young child—and then do them together! Singing and dancing, snuggling up to share a favorite children’s book or movie, playing with dress-up clothes, or building a fort from couch cushions have been popular activities with generations of children for a reason. Quite simply, they’re fun, they’re easy, and they are

sure to spark your child’s imagination.

We also would like to share with you some information that might be helpful to your family or a family you know:

  1. Drive-Thru Food Distribution: Every Saturday from 9:00 AM -11AM at West Palm Beach PAL 720 N Tamarind Ave.
  2. Food Distribution: Palm Beach Outlets – 1751 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd West Palm Beach, Fl. 33401 Every Monday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Congress Ave. entrance.
  3. Activities for children – download the Parent Pal App – Baby to Pre-K Milestones.

We look forward to seeing you and your children soon. Please take care and be safe.

Kidstown Administration.

April 10, 2020

Dear Parents,

It has been a week since we suspended operations due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It is our desire that you and
your families are safe and healthy.

As we try to adjust to our new schedules at home trying to keep up with chores, working from home and keeping
children entertained, we would like to share with you a few tips to help you manage this difficult time.

1. Make a schedule with all the members of the family and designate one member to write it down.
2. Plan for active, individual, family and quiet activities as well as meals.
3. Post the schedule in a visible place and try your best in reinforcing it and be consistent.
4. In case that a change is needed, announce it to all the members of the family so everyone is aware of the
5. Delegate chores to each family member and make him/her accountable for that responsibility.
6. Enjoy the activities that you do together and show others how much you love them.
As we suggested in our letter last week, there are two websites that give you activities for you to do at home with
your children. The second one has activities for children of all ages that will help them advance their skills in all
the areas of development.

1. www.elcpalmbeach.org
2. www.healthyathome.readyrosie.com/en/activitylists/

We will continue to communicate with you during closure and we encourage you to stay in touch with us via email
at kidstownenterprises@gmail.com or by phone at 561-641-7555.
We miss you and your children and hope to see you soon!

Kidstown Learning Center


Dear Parents,

We are writing to you today to inform that we will suspend our operations on Thursday, April 2nd due to the
coronavirus, also known as COVID -19. We understand the inconvenience this decision may cause you, but the
health and well-being of you, your children, and our staff are most important to us during this pandemic.

While we are not certain of when we will be re-opening our facility to care for children, we estimate to re-
open on Monday, May 4. We will continue to communicate with you during closure and informing you of the

latest information we are receiving from local and state authorities. We want to encourage you and your
family to stay healthy during our closure.

During the closure, we will not charge you tuition or holding fee.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you and your family during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you are
looking for learning activities for your children, please check out the following resources provided by
community partners:

1. Healthy at home: Toolkit for supporting families impacted by COVID 19
2. Elcpalmbeach.org\parent-coronavirus
While this is not ideal for any of us, we also know it is necessary to take action to help reduce the spreading of
the virus.

We encourage you to stay in touch with us via email at kidstownenterprises@gmail.com or by phone at 561-
641-7555, during the closure, as we will continue to communicate with you regarding a reopening date and
other information relevant to you and your children.
We love you and your children and will miss seeing you during this closure.

Kidstown Learning Center

6995 Charleston Shores Blvd.
Lake Worth FL, 33467
561-641-7555 Fax: 561-641-9323


Queridos padres,

Estamos escribiendoles hoy para informarles que suspenderemos nuestra operaciones a partir del Jueves 2 de
abril debido al coronavirus, también conocido como COVID -19. Entendemos los inconvenientes que esta
decisión les pueda causar pero la salud y el bienestar de ustedes, sus hijos y nuestro personal son lo más
importante para nosotros durante esta pandemia.

Si bien no estamos seguros cuándo volveremos a abrir nuestras instalaciones, tenemos como fecha tentativa,
el lunes 4 de mayo. Continuaremos comunicándonos con ustedes durante el cierre y les transmitiremos la
información más reciente que recibimos de las autoridades locales y estatales. Queremos alentarlo a usted y
a su familia a mantenerse saludables durante nuestro cierre.

Durante el cierre, no cobraremos matrícula ni el holding fee.

Háganos saber si podemos ayudarlo a usted y a su familia durante esta pandemia de COVID-19. Si está
buscando actividades de aprendizaje para sus hijos, le recomendamos las siguientes paginas en la web:
1. Saludables en casa: healthyathome.readyrosie.com/en/
2. Elcpalmbeach.org/parent-coronavirus
Si bien esto no es ideal para ninguno de nosotros, también sabemos que es necesario reducir la
propagación del virus.

Le recomendamos que se mantenga en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico a
kidstownenterprises@gmail.com o por teléfono al 561-641-7555 durante el cierre, ya que continuaremos
comunicándonos con usted con respecto a una fecha de reapertura y otra información relevante para usted y
sus hijos.

Extrañaremos no verles durante este cierre.


Kidstown Learning Center